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Missouri Trails Project

 With the recognition from American Trails as the Best Trails State in 2013 and 2014, we have set out on a mission to gather all of Missouri's trail data by working with trail managers and partners statewide to provide a comprehensive resource for Missourians and visitors to the Show-Me State.

Best Trails State 2013

Encouraging Trail Growth

80% Funded from the Recreational Trails Program

We're working on common goals with Trail focused organizations to encourage community

involvement, express economic impact, and share the health benefits of Missouri Trails.

About Us
What We Do
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Learn about thousands of miles of Missouri trails… All In One Place.

Missouri is home to thousands of miles of the nation’s finest trails, ready for every kind of user to experience and enjoy. For the first time ever, the state’s trail managers and trail enthusiasts have come together in the Missouri Trail Alliance to create one place for you to discover all of these trails.


Find managed trails available to users with all interests – walking, hiking, bicycling, equestrian, mountain biking, and boating.

Plan your adventures, share your memories, and take part in the rich tradition that is the Missouri trail system more easily than ever before. After years of planning and coordination, the Missouri Trail Project, with Missouri Park and Recreation Association as its chairman, is ready to share with trail users across the country and at home in the Show-Me State.


Join us in sharing this unique resource with the world by bookmarking this website, sharing it with your friends on your favorite social networks, and adding your name to our email list.

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2018 William Street, Jefferson City, MO 65109


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