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Learn about thousands of miles of Missouri trails… All In One Place.

Missouri is home to thousands of miles of the nation’s finest trails, ready for every kind of user to experience and enjoy. For the first time ever, the state’s trail managers and trail enthusiasts have come together in the Missouri Trail Alliance to create one place for you to discover all these trails:
You’ll be able to find managed trails available to users with all interests – walking, hiking, bicycling, equestrian, mountain biking, and boating. The site will also let you plan your adventures, share your memories, and take part in the rich tradition that is the Missouri trail system more easily than ever before.
After years of planning and coordination, the Missouri Trail Alliance, with Missouri Park and Recreation Association as its chairman, is almost ready to share with trail users across the country and here at home in the Show-Me State. Join us in sharing this unique resource with the world by bookmarking this website, sharing it with your friends on your favorite social networks, and adding your name to the email list.

popular trails

Missouri is home to several popular and historic hiking, biking and walking trails. Among these are the Katy Trail, which travels 240 miles across the state of Missouri and the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, which spans across 3,700 miles from Illinois to Oregon. Hundreds of smaller trails across Missouri have become favorites of trail lovers who use them for a great way to relax, exercise or have fun with friends and family.

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Behind each and every Missouri trail is an organization or individual who cares for it. Join these Missouri trail enthusiasts and the Missouri Trail Alliance in supporting the future of Missouri trails by raising awareness and funds to contribute to the fulfillment of the mission of To learn more about how you can support our cause, click here or contact us today.

Why is this site in Beta?

Building a database of 10,000 miles of trails is no small feat. As the Missouri Trail Alliance wanted to begin providing trail resources to the public as soon as possible, this website, currently, does not include all trails in Missouri—the Alliance's long-term plan. By leaving this resource in BETA for now, we can provide trail visitors, such as yourself, with the data made available by our partners as it becomes available. As we import additional Missouri trail data, it will be added to the site and as we reach an appropriate trail sample the site will exit BETA.

Don't see one of your favorite trails? You can help us keep this important initiative moving and push this project out of BETA. Contact the Alliance about making a donation or sponsoring the initiative.